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The traditional art of origami, or ‘paper folding’, originated in 17th century Japan and wasn’t popularized outside of Japan until the mid-1900s. Since then, it has evolved into a world-wide modernized form of art, famous for its colorful paper, intricate designs, and multiple folds.

But did you know the act of folding origami helps develop the brain? To create origami, you must use both hands simultaneously, which helps the electrons flow through both the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This brain function is scientifically proven to help repair damaged cell structures and is considered amazing exercise for those looking for effective art therapy.


Ian M. Sherwin, professional artist and fine arts educator, taught himself the ancient art of origami while recovering from an accident that briefly paralyzed his creative career. During that time, he discovered that origami, which proved therapeutic to his mind, was also a source of nourishment for his creative and artistic soul.

Join Ian M. Sherwin as he shows you how to make the legendary ‘paper crane’ and other origami shapes, such as flowers, bugs and other animals. It’s for paper folders of all levels! Join the Program today! Classes offered for individual and group sessions of all ages.

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