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Sherwin’s portraits are highly recognized for their excellence in realistic detail. The intricacies are fueled by inspiration and each stroke expresses the artist’s absolute vision. Mainly using graphite or ink, Ian will create a portrait that captures the emotion and spirit of the one(s) you love.

Ian has drawn over 500 portraits for clients worldwide, using various mediums, styles, and techniques. He is always experimenting. He has the want and intention to develop his knowledge to produce creations that are innovative, realistic, yet unique.

UPDATE!!! In 2012, Ian will demonstrate his creativity while advancing his skills! He has challenged himself with the ridiculous attempt to draw a self-portrait for every day of this year! He is determined to meet this goal and has not missed a day yet!

Check out the ‘Self-Portrait’ section of the Sherwin’s Gallery site.

Order your portraits of individuals, family members, friends, and even your favorite pet. Portrait services are available on location at Sherwin’s Gallery or private resident at-home options are available, too. Please contact Sherwin’s Gallery for pricing and details.